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How to Set Up a Tenda Access Point as a Repeater

This guide will show you how to setup the Tenda Access Point as a repeater. Your existing router will need to be configured also to allow the access point to connect to it. If the existing router is a Tenda-brand router, please consult the Tenda documentation on how to set the Tenda router as a repeater. Otherwise, it is necessary to use the specific manufacturer instructions for any other brand of router.

  1. Connect the Tenda Access Point to your existing router using an Ethernet cable, then connect it to the LAN port on the router (yellow port if using the Tenda router).
  2. Once connected to the router, open your web browser and type in "". This will bring up the setup page for the Access Point.

    Access Point page

  3. Click on Wireless Settings. This shows the options for which mode is to be used. Select AP Repeater.
  4. Next, change the SSID or you can leave it at the default setting. If you're using it as a repeater, it's best to change it, so both devices won't have the same name.

    Wireless settings

  5. Click on Open Scan. Once completed, it will display the routers in your area that are available. Select your router and click Apply. The Access Point will reboot after it connects.

    Scan mode

    Scan network results

  6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the router and move the Access Point to a location where it will be best used as a repeater. It needs to be within the range of the existing router and will repeat the signal from there.

Disclaimer: This information is being provided to you as a service from the Technical Support Department. It is intended to assist you in the resolution of your technical problems or questions. If you feel uncomfortable implementing any of the information or suggestions contained herein then you should contact the Technical Support Department directly. The Technical Support Department will not be held responsible for any loss of information, data or programming as a result of the use of this article.